Phew - the view from here is good !

We’ve trekked to the top of the mountain in our project now to begin our trial as planned in Birmingham at the start of July. We have an amazing team and everyone has risen to the challenge over the last year to get us here. In the next six months we’ll test the technology, the usability of designs, and the business potential of our smart routing approach to providing public transport information. Some of this is largely behind the scenes for the industry such as local authorities who can benefit from the oneTRANSPORT platform for transport data and analytics.

But perhaps most visible in the trial initially is the mobile App “Commuter” on which we’ll roll out key features over the period. Digital Birmingham have enlisted trial users for the app and we know we need their help as it’s only in the real day to day use of products that we can get to see how they help, or fail to help. For example we’re particularly aware that we’ve created a wholly new way to generate route plans between places using public transport and hence we expect this to need refinement over the trial as it is highly complex. It won’t be unusual for weird routes to crop up given the myriad of possibilities to get between to places in metropolitan areas like Birmingham.

But we’re confident that together with our users we can create a refined experience to build on what works now in what is an exciting start for the App:

  • door to door itinerary timing based on real live running times of services 
  • comparison of different routes by real-time itineraries
  • disruption alerts en route updated as you travel
  • public transport planning to any street address in Great Britain 
  • personalisation with custom routes and custom place naming
  • predicted routine journeys for example commuting to work, or college, and back

If you live in Birmingham and want to get involved in the trial please register interest via the Digital Birmingham site here: