App store release - Commuter

If you've been following the Smart Routing project you will be aware we planned to trial a new mobile App for public transport planning as one of the deliverables. Well amazingly the six month trial period is already half way complete now and we've recently made an important decision. With our Birmingham trial users of the App giving us the thumbs up we have made the decision to launch the aptly named "Commuter" iOS mobile App into the App store for anyone to use for free. If you use public transport across Great Britain you may find it refreshingly useful!

The download link is: Commuter - Live public transport door-to-door (GB)

As hinted at in an earlier blog on the subject we have focussed on providing a key differentiator for the App on attention to data privacy. With Commuter your current location, movements and journey plans, or any other personally identifiable data is locked securely inside the App on your device. 

This is part of our wish to find and demonstrate alternative business models that build in data privacy, hence with Commuter it’s your travel data, your private activity, it’s securely protected and we the makers cannot see it by design. 

In order to create an app such as this and support it there of course needs to be a sustainable business model behind it. We have many ideas for revenue some of which we are trialling in Birmingham right now. If you are interested in learning more please get in touch using the contact form - we are keen to collaborate and share the journey the project has taken us on to date.