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Caution Your Blast is a small London company focused on creating innovative products and services that are a joy to use. They have been instrumental in a number of successful collaborative projects and regularly win awards for their work (Best Public Sector Project of the Year 2015, UKVI Online Application Service – Home Office; Rail Industry Innovation Award for Passenger Experience 2013).



Ayoupa was founded in 2010 and specialise in the delivery of innovative mobile products for the transport industry. The company is recognised as an innovator in the field of open data by the Open Data Institute, founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and alongside industry partner Caution Your Blast has won several industry innovation prizes (e.g. 2013 EIT Rail Customer Experience Competition).


Founded in 1972, InterDigital has been a pioneer of wireless telecoms. It is listed on the NASDAQ with a market capitalisation of $2bn, holds 20,000 issued patents and applications and has research centres in USA, Canada, Korea & the UK that all develop advanced technologies for mobile devices, networks and services worldwide.


Birmingham City Council is one of Europe’s largest unitary local authorities. Delivering and commissioning a large number of diverse services, it is responsible for the city’s transport network, putting the user first, delivering connectivity that people and business require.


The University of Aberdeen is an international university built on serving one of the most dynamic regions of Europe. The Centre for Transport Research, a research centre of the College of Physical Sciences acts as the focus for transport research at the University, specialising in the sustainability of transport systems with emphasis on environment, society and technology.