Smart Routing was a very successful project driving innovation in the way we plan, monitor and design public transport journeys. The blog captures a little of the journey and you can also contact us to find out more details. 

In summary we explored how the Internet of Things can act as a means of sharing transport data in an efficient and timely way, what the data privacy challenges are and whether these could be addressed in wholly new ways, and how the smart phone can deliver more effective means of travel personalisation.

We developed the underlying route planning technology and ran trials with users over this eighteen month project.  Our goals were to deliver improvements to the user experience of door-to-door travel, to reduce industry and local authority operational overheads, and identify possible business models. All of these were achieved.

The project partners were: University of Aberdeen, Ayoupa, Birmingham City Council, Caution Your Blast and InterDigital Europe. The project was led by Caution Your Blast (CYB).

We were pleased that this Smart Routing project was being partly funded with an Innovate UK grant of £940K. 

Our Story

All our partners are passionate about, and have been recently involved in, projects for improving passenger experience and/or the readiness of the transport industry to support smart mobility solutions.

To briefly give you some background, CYB and Ayoupa have been collaborating on designing and developing mobile App solutions that mashup transport data in realtime and provide personal journeys. 
The University of Aberdeen has been active in developing a range of user-centred intelligent mobility solutions supported by the UK Research Councils’ Digital Economy Theme. 
InterDigital has taken a leading role in using the Internet of Things to ‘unlock’ traditionally ‘closed’ channels of data, enabling multi-modal transport information (such as live information about rail delays or traffic jams) to be easily published by  data owners through personalised services.
And Birmingham's Connected Strategy already sets out a bold ambition to address the mobility issues facing the West Midlands region where they have been actively driving innovation in the transport sector to improve their citizens lives.

The Smart Routing project came about through CYB seeking to develop an idea for decentralised journey planning when the opportunity arose to participate in the Innovate UK grant opportunity for Integrated Transport called: Enhancing the End to End Journey. As a result they brought the consortium together to build on the original idea and to propose the current project. The team were delighted to be subsequently awarded an Innovate UK  grant, making the project viable.